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Welcome to my Blog again!

Today I received an emailed concerning my request for a copy of a Nicholas Springer’s will from the Missouri State Archives.I began this request March 12th and got a quick response back. They thought in six weeks, they could send me a copy. I am glad they did not forgot my request and let me know they are trying to fulfill it.

If you go to my 1st blog…..The Real Gateway to the West, you will see (between Whitaker & Burnet and McEnnis & co.) Springer’s store Carson, Springer & Wannall (formerly- J O Carson & co) on the St Louis Levee- He was the clerk who owned part of the Arabia.

Research costs money, takes time, and takes patience too- as you can see reading this email below. I have learned by experience to be brief when requesting records. They do not want to hear your life story or want to know what this file means to you….So, hold back the urge to dump out your soul- it only confuses the librarian, archivist or whomever.

The internet in 2010 is wonderful. When I began this, the internet wasn’t a word I knew, then, when AOL began, I knew email, but nothing else until Google took off. As more and more institutions are downloading their collection’s Finding Guides or actual raw data, researching can be much easier and even free in many cases. Just remember, not everything is on the internet…..and be thankful you can get a copy or have to travel- at least the document still exists! (I’ve been told records I have been seeking were destroyed by fire, flood and are too fragile to Xerox.)

I am lucky now to have funds to support my research. In the beginning (1991), it was lunch or Xeroxing and I went home hungry many a day. I struggled buying books and it could a whole summer of weekly trips to the National Archives to find something directly related to the Steamboat Arabia. A research trip could mean driving for hours, taking a train or plane and usually running out of time and energy before finding every crumb of information. I am sure I will never find every story and hope people continue finding more when I am gone….but my research; I do believe has captured the big picture just what Arabia was all about.

RE: Request
From: Archives Reference
To: ElizabethCT@gmail.com
Date: Tue, Apr 20, 2010 10:09 am
April 20, 20

Dear Ms. Isenburg:

There are parts of reel #C41662 that have not been imaged yet. We do
not have a date as to when it will be finished, so in the meantime if
you need the case right away we will be glad to send you a printed copy.
We charge fifty cents per page for the first 20 pages of a document and
ten cents per page for each subsequent page. This file comes to 70
pages. For a copy, please send a check or money order for $15.00 (no
cash) to the Missouri State Archives at the address below. Please also
include a copy of this e-mail for our reference. We will pay return

Nicholas SPRINGER, #C41662, no. 14916

Thank you for your interest in the Archives.

Reference Staff
Missouri State Archives
600 W. Main St.
P O Box 1747
Jefferson City, MO 65102

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From: ElizabethCT@gmail.com
Sent: Friday, March 12, 2010 10:07 PM
To: Missouri Digital Heritage
Subject: Request

I love your Probate records, but for some reason one of the men I am
researching doesn't have the images downloaded- which is very odd. Is
it possible I can have a copy emailed to me? I am a historian doing
some work pertaining to St Louis.


Saint Louis City Springer, Nicholas 14916 1883 C 41662

Elizabeth Isenburg