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Even if Jonathan B. McAllister had only a small number of packages on board the Arabia when it sank for three of his chain stores- his story is our story today- He was overextended on his "credit cards," bought too much real estate and expanded too quickly, and thought the bottom would never drop out (Panic of 1857). 
Enjoy the shortened version of this story published in the Daguerreian Annual 2004- originally 30 pages in length. Remember to touch the image to enlarge the images.
What was cut out you ask? Gaines did something that required him to leave the county asap- One  partner Ponn, who was married, was chasing wild women in Brownville, Nebraska while he owned a pool hall. Another partners in Linden, Iowa left his partners with unpaid debt. Lett in Kansas Territory, returned to Virginia to fight for the South and McAllister's wife remarries Mr. Wright after he dies (get it...Mr. Right LOL).
 Arabia's Manifest reported 7 packages for the McAllister, Crane & Co, 4 packages for Gaines, Strickler & Co and 9 for Smith, Brown & McAlister.