6:27 AM

Welcome back to my Blog.....I always love this postcard. The man on the left gave his customers a line of credit and he has only promissory notes.....The man on the right demanded cash whenever he sold anything from his store and he is in "High Cotton." 

I've heard recently that one problem with our economy growing has to do with people paying off their credit cards and I think that is a good thing. As my Uncle John who was a minister used to tell me that nothing can kill a marriage than not paying off your debt.....and not courting your wife. The depressions in this country have been many- 1837, 1857, 1886, 1929...So, although we are all in the same boat coming out of this one, be patient and if you can help others with a job or donate to a local soup kitchen. Do.

As for me, I am donating for some local victims of the Spring Floods we  had in  here in New England who still are dealing with damage to their homes. Most of my free time has been behind the scenes working on writing. So, if I seem quieter, you'll know the reason. 

I have been getting more email and let me share one with you from Mrs. Mackey who was with the Museum from the very beginning. 
We have enjoyed doing a quick read of your blog on our Steamboat Arabia Museum.  We have learned so much from people who have come through the Arabia Museum over the years.  In this age of so much information available over the Internet individuals have been able to unearth so much about our boat.  When we opened the museum in 1991 we had not had time to do a great deal of research on our artifacts and even today, almost 20 years later, we are still able to learn from our patrons.  Thank you for all your effort.  I hope you are enjoying this work.     Joan and Jerry Mackey