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Welcome back to my blog. 
I was trembling in my heels when I was introduced to David McCullough at the American Antiquarian Society. That was a few years ago and although I continue to be shy, I will never stop telling people what a great Americana collection they have at the Arabia Steamboat Museum.

Recently, I emailed my friend Jeannie Shinto with some news. I was elected to be a member of the American Antiquarian Society (for life). Jeannie has encouraged me to push on with writing and writes for the Maine Antique Digest.
Hi Jeannie, 
When we got back from the dag symposium, I got a letter from the AAS electing me as one of their members for my Steamboat Arabia research. Matthew almost fell out of his chair and keeps shaking my hand congratulating me. My blog has gotten much attention and I think that really showed the depth of my research. 
The blog has helps me to weed out and find the main story about the Steamboat Arabia's collection.
With warm regard to you and your hubby, 
Jeannie replied with a burst of energy...

Elizabeth, this is sensational! and the blog form lend itself so well to your fresh, immediate style! truly, this will help you find your way to the book-length form -- as well as an audience! congratulations! nothing like starting at the top! ... best to you and matthew! we miss you both so much! if i do cover papermania in january, let's please not be ships passing in the night, like last time....we have to sit down and catch up. is it a deal?? Jeannie 
I do have such nice friends and look forward to seeing her in January-

I always hoped I could be nominated for this honor and so surprised it happened before my draft is sent to a publisher. It is such a stamp of approval for my research and I am expecting to wake up and find this was all just a dream.  Check out their web site http://www.americanantiquarian.org/

Click to enlarge the letter.

As you can read, AAS President, Ms. Ellen Dunlap's comment says it all- everyone wants to visit Kansas City.

During January, I will attending the 125th Annual Meeting of the American Historical Assocation and in the at the Convention Center I need to begin talking to publishers (Harvard University Press, University of Missouri Press, University of Nebraska Press, Random House). This is a new experience for me, so if there are any published authors who want to give me pointers, I'd love to hear them.