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 Welcome Back to my Blog.....I am on the hunt for early city directories online. 

I am tired of during a research each time so I have added a new page to my side bar for Favorite Reference Links ----)   As I add to this it will save time for student's looking for good sources.

The page is very messy and disorganized but don't worry I will eventually make it presentable. If any collections out there have more city directories for St Louis, can you send it my way....and donate it to Google.

Let's have fun with the above City Directory for Omaha published in 1866.....Even if it is not the 1850s, it is still a good primary source for seeing what happened to several of our consignee's who were waiting for their merchandise aboard the Steamboat Arabia.

Here's the Consignee list for Omaha I typed up in 2003....

The Collin's Omaha City Directory for 1866 was on Google Books- Free!  

These are always fun to read.....and list lots of interesting info about Omaha....Like who were the first settlers-

Here we find, Schneider & Hurford split up and stayed in business after the Civil War.

 We also found Milton Rogers moved across the river from Council Bluffs and opened a branch store. He moved his entire family here and retired a very rich man. (I've posted on him before)

We find that Milton Tootles has a branch store here too. During the civil war, Tootles partnership with his right hand man Jackson dissolved (that's what they called break up).