10:28 AM

Welcome back to my blog- 

I worked late into the afternoon trying to get my new Kodak Printer 7250 to print one letter to the Montclair Historical Society. My old printer was worn out and going Green, I chose Kodak. What I needed was to download a program called a driver. Its like a key to a car.

So, I went on the Internet without realizing I needed to use the disk in the packing box. I only realized that after I went to the Kodak site and followed the visual instructions.

Computer Problems can be so frustrating and its a good thing to get a formal instruction on how to use and more importantly to maintain your computer (disk Clean & Defragmentation). Years ago, my close friend Brian Pohanka had his computer crash and I had no clue how to fix it. His writing was his occupation with Time Life Books. And I definitely don't want that to happen to me.


Finally, the printer worked and I headed to the post office so this letter would go out first thing Monday morning. 

Elizabeth B. Isenburg

December 12, 2010

Montclair Historical Society 
108 Orange Road
Montclair, NJ 07042

Dear MHS,
I am a historian for the Steamboat Arabia Museum and I have journal written by one of your earliest citizens Amos Broadnax when he lived in St. Louis, Missouri. I am seeking a copy and permission to use a photograph printed in the book, Images of America Montclair (New Jersey) page 13. The caption reads, The Amos Broadnax Family.

Although this journal did not have his name written inside the cover, it has taken months to properly identify the author as Amos Broadnax. Through contact with my clothing expert, Joan Severa, we believe this image was taken in St Louis perhaps with a photographer’s stamp. We also believe the child would be William who was the first born in 1853. With your vast collection, I wonder what other ephemeral pieces you have for this family.

Amos was a remarkable man and I have been posting his journal in installments since March 2010 on my blog, Steamboat Arabia Museum: Exploring thru Ephemera, otherwise known as Steamboat Arabia: A Historian’s Blog.   http://steamboatarabiamuseum.blogspot.com/    This is a draft and not the finished piece that I hope to publish.

Please advise me how to proceed. I can be contacted in the afternoons at XXXXX or by email at ElizabethCT@Gmail.com.
With Warm Regards,

Elizabeth B. Isenburg
Historical Consultant for the Steamboat Arabia Museum