12:50 PM

 Welcome back to my blog....and Thank you to all the web sites for City Directories. 
Since last Friday, I have been working at a snails pace revising my St Louis Salesman's ledger. Amos Spent four days in Cincinnati and it has taken until Monday for me to thread in the new info I learned from the City Directories and the credit reports.

That's where the Online City Directories helped- If a credit report mentioned a wholesaler in NYC or Boston, I found the city directory. Like Edward E. Huggins of Huggins, Bro. & Anderson had a Crockery Store operating in 1840 that was still in business in 1856.

I also found some City Directories for Cincinnati and found Amos Broadnax, our St Louis Salesman, mentioned three of the earliest crockery dealers in town. See online William's Cincinnati Business Directory 1856

I can see the paragraphs I was revising makes a deeper story and I am impressed.

If you have ever swam in the Ocean- it's like having the big wave coming right at you- that's the National story and then the undertow pulls the water out to sea and with it hundreds of  sand grains- that's the local story.

I will be the first one to say, I am a researcher and writing is like eating an egg sandwich at the beach on a windy day. But, someone has to do keep pushing on and it might as well be me. I am grateful, extremely grateful for having an editor and one that I don't feel stupid asking a question about quotations this morning.