6:13 PM

Welcome back to my Blog.....This evening I received a response from my clothing expert Joan Severa. If you recall Joan has written several books.

I wrote

Hi Joan,
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. We celebrated the week before and
good thing we did, I came down with a virus and I am just now getting back to normal.

I would like your opinion dating this photo I posted on my blog. 
It is a poor image, but the best I can do right now. Read my blog- 
I think it is late 1850s.

Joan Wrote


I m sorry you have been ill!  Haven't you had enough of that?

Your image drives me nuts, as I want to see the man's and the child's 
hairdos, and more detail on the woman's too.

One thing argues for LATE '50s--the extreme width of the skirt, and the hoop 
under it.  This formal type of dress  wouldn't show the ordinary bodice 
detail changes anyway, unfortunately.  The woman's hair is done in the 
rather modest manner of ca. 1859 too.  But I would have to see a clearer 
image to be sure of anything.

And then Joan Wrote Again


Having checked out your blog AFTER I sent your message, I believe this is 
little William, and the date of the photo must be closer to 1855.  It HAS to 
be, because this in NOT an 1860s dress!  The skirt appears huge, but that 
may be due to the thick flounces, which were at their most popular 
mid-decade.  Oh, to see her hairdo!  That would tell the tale. It must be 
fuller than I at first thought.

I do love these little detective jobs.

Now, I can't wait for the Montclair Library to respond and will keep you all posted as I always do.