10:11 AM

Welcome back!  While in Boston I had dinner with one of my favorite friends, Linda who has been patiently asking me how I am doing on writing my book on the Steamboat Arabia for the last ten years. She has been telling me to establish a time for writing, don't answer the phone or don't do anything else until the draft is written and she's right.

I took her lecture and the Univ of Missouri's editor's suggestion to heart. So, after waking up to 18 inches of snow here in Connecticut  I began my outline- Notice my coffee cup is full. There is nothing like having a big piece of butcher paper to roll out on the table and a black marker to get my thoughts down.

As you can see below, by my second cup of coffee I have a good first draft for an outline. Since I know the subject like the back of my hand, it was easy to incorporate my strongest ephemeral pieces and significant events into Outline. I am going to write this up today.