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Welcome back to my blog....Above you see, one of my editors, Craig who's reading my St. Louis Salesman's Journal and checking my work.  I am lucky to have such a professional copyeditor who loves history. 

I am still working on my book proposal and thanks for the continued emails of support. 

My other life-line/mentor is Jeanne and she recently wrote another article for the Maine Antique Digest about the Exhibit at the Concord Museum. READ IT ONLINE

You might think it doesn't relate to the Steamboat Arabia,after all it is over 1,400 miles from Kansas.

 But do read it- I know I learned something new. Jeanne's article talks about how the tensions built towards slavery and led to the civil war. 

The Concord Museum exhibits many artifacts and one is an 1859 pledge list to help John Brown who just four months later tried to capture the U. S. armory in Harper's Ferry. Of course, this is years after May 1856 when Lawrence Kansas was attached by pro-slavery men.

To know more watch this video from the Black Jack Battlefield that will be having a reenactment June 4, 2012 in Baldwin City, Kansas.