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It is a joy living with a historian; that is if you are one too. Rarely do I talk about my home life, but I’ll make an exception since this was music to my ears. Last night I asked my husband, who is a historian too, if he knew who Rev Theodore Parker was? He had scholarly pause, that’s when one looks down and the eureka light bulb turns on and then I heard a lengthly response, like, “I believe that Southworth & Hawes took his daguerreotype.” Southworth & Hawes were photographer’s who catered to the elite of Boston and did the finest portraits and exterior views of Boston. “Well”, I added, “I would expect that since Amos Lawrence owned the building their studio in and he was an abolitionist and so was Parker.” Yes, that’s true he said.
The conversation continued as I mentioned, my salesman was complaining about the hotels in Boston. He responded asking if he stayed at Parker House and my response was "no, he stayed at the Paul Revere House.” “Oh,” he said, “the Revere House, that was the my second choice!"
If you go to Boston, you too can stay at the Parker House that is now the Omni Parker House Hotel- only a block from the famous State House where the Boston Massacre took place.   
Per Wikipedia- The Old City Hall is just across the street from The Omni Parker House Hotel (60 School Street), which was where visiting dignitaries would stay. It was Boston’s first hotel and opened in 1855. No discussion of famous Boston restaurants would be complete without noting Parker’s Restaurant at The Omni Parker House, where Parker House Rolls and the Boston Creme Pie were invented.
The Boston Massacre was an incident that led to the deaths of five civilians at the hands of British troops on March 5, 1770, the legal aftermath of which helped spark the rebellion in some of the British American colonies, which culminated in the American Revolution. A heavy British military presence in Boston led to a tense situation that boiled over into incitement of brawls between soldiers and civilians and eventually led to troops discharging their muskets after being attacked by a rioting crowd. Three civilians were killed at the scene of the shooting, eleven were injured, and two died after the incident.[2]