10:36 AM

Now that you know there were crates aboard the Arabia from the North & Scott store, let's look at two St Louis newspapers showing how they attracted English and German speaking customers. I confess I do not read old German, but my husband does and these two advertisement are almost, if not the same wording in St. Louis Democrat and the Anzeiger des Westens.

I posted this a day ago, then while drinking my morning coffee today, I thought....if I want to verify the Old German, how would I do it? Then I recalled in my own library I have an 1845 English- German dictionary......I also by the way have an 1854 English- French Dictionary and an 1856 Webster's Unabridged Dictionary with notice in the inside cover this is now sold at reduced price of $6-  Any historian needs a strong library or access to one in the same era they are researching because the meaning of words do change over time, so I've collected many volumes just in case I might need them. My best sources have been Ebay, Abe books, amazon books and papermania. 
Does anyone know of any other sources?