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I have not been able to find a Steamboat Card for Arabia, however I do have Terrill & Boyd’s replacement for the Arabia for the 1857 trade on the Upper Missouri. 
It is a great piece of information, even if it isn't stamped Steamboat Arabia. I threw my net wide to understand what happened before, after and during the three years Arabia paddled the inland waterways. So, if it seems I am drifting off base, be patient and this will led you to a broader understanding of the 1850s daily life.

This porcelain card is often called a steamboat ticket isn't a ticket, but rather was meant to be an advertisement. The Front lists the Captain, Clerk and major destinations for the packet line.
The back shows all the landings and wharfs from St. Louis to Logan (which is spelt as Lozan) and gave the passenger’s an amusement as well as a guide where they were and how many more miles before they would reach their destination. 

It is important to realize
1)             Landings were just the unloading point and the consignee’s store might be further inland.
2)            There might be more than one landing for a town ie. Council Bluffs.
3)            Arabia had freight for 17 landings from St. Joseph, Missouri to Logan, Nebraska stretching 600 miles.
4)       Since Browsby's Landing is not listed, the jury is still out if it is a nick name for another landing or new wharf.
Hit the image and you'll see an enlarged image.....enjoy and this will be kept in the Reference Material as a guide.