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FRANKLIN'S MAXIMS Keep thy shop and thy shop will keep thee. 
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Welcome back….I have returned from Brimfield Antique Show and report it was a success for buyers and sellers. People seemed to have more cash this year to spend and sellers seemed willing to negotiate.  I guess that’s a sign our economy is returning- even though some are still out of work like my friend Barb who was previously planning on joining us this year. 

While there, I purchased several children's plates (saucer size like 5 inches) because of the moral lessons. I like these life lessons which guided the 19c businessman and wife to be successful. These type of plates were produced between 1830-1860- American Libraries  has a online copy of this 1807 children's book Maxims and Morals From Dr. Franklin

Silks and Satins Scarlet and Velvets Put out the Kitchen Fire..Franklin's Proverbs

Fly pleasure and it will follow you. The diligent Spinner as a large shift... Now I have a Sheep and a Co. everybody bids me a good morrow.