10:20 PM

Welcome Back!
I posted a recent purchase of mine of a Pennsylvania man who obviously works as a Wheel Wright (without any photoshop cleaning up). I love how the wheel is unfinished and the tool he holds in his hand (ambrotype circa 1855). 
During the week, I received an email from a museum friend who said my blog looks cool and where do I find the time? These are the questions I like because it gets me thinking and I do have an answer! Have you ever picked up a book and couldn’t’ put it down? I know, it kept your attention and so you read and read well into the wee hours of the morning- that is exactly how the Steamboat Arabia  stays on my “A list.”

I promised I would report how I did on my “To do List.” It is an uphill battle to organize and catalogue my collection. I only squeezed in a few hours of organizing, but I did work through my panic state that I might do something wrong. It will be nice when this is finished, so I do not purchase something I already have ie. Book and I can find a specific document without digging.

My schedule was busy last week and I won't have any time for research since the Brimfield Antique show is starting Tuesday. I meet up with friends in Sturbridge Massachusetts for several days. Weather is suppose to be in the high 60s with no chance of rain- keep your fingers crossed. For those who do not know what this show is about check out brimfieldshow.

I have not been lucky to find anything concerning my research, but who knows, maybe this time I will.