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(If you understand what my salesman journaled below, let me know-)

I received an email back from the National Archives about finding the patent info for my unidentified salesman and thus find out his name. 

Ms. Isenburg:
This is in reply to your request for information about a patent applied
for by an unknown person on October 16, 1855 for "guiding balloons for
passengers and freight".
Patent records are arranged by their patent number and that sequence is
based on date of issue. A search of the online data base at
http://www.google.com/patents leads us to concur with your conclusion
that the patent was never granted. While it is possible to search for
patents that were not granted, the indexes to those records are arranged
alphabetical by the last name of the petitioner. That run of records
covers the time period 1838-1920. We do not believe there is any way our
records can be of assistance to you.
We regret that we could not be of more assistance to you. If you have
any further questions, please feel free to respond by return e-mail or
by calling (301) 837-1993.
Gene Morris
Civil Reference
To review my search go to Seeking a name for my St Louis Salesman 02
I found out that these Patents are listed by name and could take months to go thru every box of Patents records- so it looked like a dead end, until I remembered after he recorded his trip east - he made another entry in 1856 in ink, rather than the pencil like he previously had done. So, I wrote back and included a copy of what my salesman wrote in his journal,
Hello Eugene,
Thank you for assisting me and I do have some more information that might help to find the name for my salesman’s paperwork for his patent idea for for "guiding balloons for
passengers and freight".
I completely forgot that this journal mentions another patent for Bevard and sure enough I found one for him! Perhaps the men who attested for Bevard is our salesman- after all, this is what he wrote in his journal-
So, can I have a copy of all documentation on this Patent below and a check in your files for these Witnesses filing for the balloon.


William Bevard
Patent Number 19066
Issue Date Jan 13, 1858

Attest: William A Whiting
H. D. La Cossitt

SALESMAN’S JOURNAL- Hope you find some link-
1856 [now the ledger is in ink]
Listed expenditures
On account of Bevard’s heading cutter and heading circular of which I have paid him my 3/10ths-

January 23      Jackson for models    $25
                        D. O. for packing        $2
January 28      deposited for patent    $30
February 14    Wade’s expenses        $94.50
March 1           Berard’s do to W.        $171.85
March 18         Berard’s & Wade’s to
                        Cape Girardeau                      $54.42
April 4              paid for drawings        $40
                        five knives                   $50
                        lot of tools                    $3
                        expressed charge is    $6.65
                        five knives and Do.     $57.15
                        hotel expenses &c &c.            $44.10

3/10ths of the $578.67 is                          $173.60
amount toward ad boatmen                        $39.39
due Berard on $325
note given for right on shingle machine     $110
in 1856                                                              $322.99

Deduct for
Pine log                       $11
Cash advances by need for knives
an expense charges   $57.15             $68.15
above is the amount of the note I
gave to Berard May 3, 1856

1856 May 28th

Settled with Berard as follows.-

For one half of the $304.50 note
given to Hedenberg                            $152.25
one half expenses to Chester                         $30
one half bill of belting                          $21.60
one half expenses in town                  $8.50
6/10ths of which is $127.41

Berard received for machines
At Cape Girardeau                              $640
for rent of Cutter at Chester               $100
3/10ths of which is              $222
four amount land to Mr. B.   $15
                        foreword     $237

1856 amount forwarded                     $239
deduct my share of expenses &c.
as stated on the opposite page.                      $127.41
which amount was endorsed on one
of my notes due Berard.
May 28, 1856.  –

1856 October 4th

Settled with Berard as per receipt.  –
Amount Dr [drawn]
amount of expenses from May 29 to July 3rd- in all  $67.97
To B & H’s a/c [account]                                            $41.35 
To Whiting’s a/c                                                         $26.62
3/10ths of the $41.35                                            $12.40

On Burlington trip.
On shingle machine                                                    $60.03
3/10ths B & H’s a/c $79.83                                          $23.94

3/10ths Berard’s salary up to July 1, 1856
@$500 per annum.-                                               $75

Cash paid by Hitchcock for its knowledgement
Of Deeds.-                                                              $6.50

Amount lent Giles by Berard.-                                      $5
work at Burlington—Brown                                           $2
paid Gile’s Board                                                      $2.70
                                                Forward                      $214.19

Whole amount of Alexandria
expenses $134.20-
Whiting’s ½ is                                                         $67.10
3/10ths B & H’s ½ is                                               $20.13

Berard’s Services up to October 5th-
save for 4/5ths of two months at a rate of $1500
per year                                                                    $200

3/10ths of Berard’s services on[Building?] bs’l
Machinery to date --  $50  is                                       $15

For cash received October 3rd                                               $120
For 1/2a and 3/10ths of $2.50 Board
Bill at Alexandria.                                                        $1.63
paid for grinding                                                                      $1
Whole Dr up to this date.-                                           $639.05


Above is an earlier patent for William Bevard dated May 12, 1857- So I sent another email to the National Archives to check their records-
Hello Eugene, 
After I emailed you, I realized William Bevard had an earlier patent for a shingle machine- So can you please check your Record Group for two additional witnesses for the patent caveat. Sorry I didn't realize this.Thanks for all your help,
Elizabeth Isenburg
Amos Broadnax
Matthias Stigers
Patent - 17,254
 William Bevard of St Louis

Cutting Shingles
Issued date- 1857
Written on drawing - May 12, 1857
Witnesses Amos Broadnax
Matthias Stigers