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Above- my ambrotype of farmer and son and their new plow.

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For the last few days I have been preparing a document listing the quotations from the RG Dun & co. Collection I am seeking permission to use.
When I began collecting these- I used a MAC and floppy disks. Then I changed to a ZIP Drive, then CD and then computer chips et al….you get the picture…I have been working on this a very long time as you can see by my label on the Disk- I thought I’d be done in 2003.
All these old technologies are causing me lots of trouble today. I found the printed copy of my 1999 for Savannah, Missouri and its 23 pages long. It would take lots of time scanning the pages with OCR at 1,200 DPI so I scanned everything and made a pdf. I thought that was easy until I reviewed my penciled notes with the typed copy and noticed mistakes and entries I neglected to type- UGH!   
I still want to request the entire town, even if it is used in the appendix so the right thing to do is re-type it. After all, what better way to know the consignee then to get an idea his customer base and fellow storekeepers in the town. At present, I don’t have every town’s complete report (1850-1860) and that is something I am going to have to decide later down the road.

Indirectly I channeled my feeling in a positive way in an email to the leader of my writers club to whom I am very grateful for.

Hello Laura, 
I hope you have a relaxing summer too.  
I want to thank you for running the group---it has helped me in so many ways to work on getting over (God willing) my fear of writing something wrong.  
I have been glued to, "Writing Down by the Bones" and no matter which page I open and read, it helps. I especially related when Natalie Goldberg told a man his two years of writing about his father was getting ready for writing and it’s like plowing a field. That's exactly where I been for 20 years and I am still plowing but I am not as frustrated like I was before I came to the group. I hope this trend continues!  
My salesman's journal ended at 12,800 words and I think if I do several more drafted and adding some side bars about the glass manufacturers, this might be a small book to sell in the museum. Wouldn't that be good! I would never have gone back and Googled my fingers off- expanding the text, if it wasn't for our discussion at the library. I am so grateful for making time for our meetings. 
 Just think of all the seeds you've planted at the library encouraging us lazy writers to get off our duff and journal every day. I appreciate your personality to run, redirect, et al. the group and always find something positive to say to everyone. Further, I think face to face contact with other writers is a must, so I do hope we will continue meeting in the Fall. My grandmother, who I never met, would say, "You'll get your reward in Heaven," but I hope you get yours this summer! 
With warm regards,