9:08 AM

Hello and Welcome back to my blog

Over the weekend, I worked on clearing out and cleaning the garage for a Steamboat Arabia library and discovered the Beatles' album you see above. It was stored improperly and so the cover suffered and is in poor condition. It must have been a tag sale purchase because there is a piece of masking tape pricing this for 50 cents. The record was still inside but I didn't check if it was scratched.

I also discovered lots of mouse droppings and one live black snake about a foot long. All the dropping are gone and we plan to catch and release the snake in the woods behind us. I found the mouse hole and plan to close it in so no more mice or snakes. I tried getting a photo of the snake this morning, but I couldn't find him so here is a photo of the two car garage I am sacrificing for my sanity's sake while working on writing.

As you can see, I still have more cleaning to do and I am lucky to have lots of metal shelving that although are not my dream book cases but are functional for my needs. Perhaps by the end of this week, the space will be ready to begin to move in!