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After posting Arabia’s Organization Chart….I revised it and renamed it as Steamboat Arabia’s Flow Chart 1853-1856. Remember this shows the changes in owners, contracts and important individuals (VIP). I attribute this to being a social worker (MSW University of Maryland at Baltimore), and my speciality was social administration and community organization. Think of it this way. A flow chart is like the mall, people are showing up, hang around and then heading somewhere else.

I know, the chart looks top heavy, but when I really think about it, I have to acknowledge the foundation that helped establish steamboat building in Brownsville, Pennsylvania (Brownsville & Pittsburgh Packet co., Monongahela Navigation Co., John Dawson and George Hogg)  I've already mentioned the Hogg family in my April 9th 2010 posting and for your review again, here it is below. Now, I will have to find out more about Capt Sparrowhawk in St Louis) and I haven't had any luck finding out more about Dales- anyone have any info?

Missouri Historical Society, St Louis, Mo Box 1 Folder 10. Letter from J I Dales [Louisville, OH] to J T Hogg [Brownsville, Pa] Dated January 26, 1847  
Dear Hogg,  
I have been examing the locks this morning and find [the (crossed out)] rudder 13 feet [sq or a-----?page is torn] wide as the canal. Say to Prinkle [Pringle] to make the rudder 13 feet apart from out to out an [and] we be in the safe side. Upon examing Capt Morris’ boat at Cincinnati an [and] the recess forward of the wheels[paddle wheel] I find it is made in about 12 feet. Our recess is 6 inches more than theirs an [and] I want Prinkle to make the turn in about the same distance if possible. The boat is about to leave in a few minutes and I haven’t time to write much. I have no further alterations to make in regard to the Hull (until I see Capt Sparrowhawk in St Louis) unless it should be about the bow. I should like to be with Prinkle when he is modeling an [and] putting it up. However, you will write me in time if it is necessary I should be with him.  
Yours in Haste, 
J I Dales 
Let me hear from you in regard to the Engine and what time Prinkle will be ready to set up her frame. 

I also added The Lighting Steamboat Line with a question mark. This is added due to new information I learned while at Harvard Business school a couple weeks ago and then found out more looking at Way’s Steamboat  Registry. This does give me two independent sources so I believe there is some relationship. but I don’t feel I know enough about this steamboat Line. Research like mine is like being in uncharted waters....and its like puzzle, one  or even several pieces will give me part of the picture. Looks like I will be contacting the Cincinnati Library (Rare Book Collection- Inland Waterways- at some point). 

These are the times, when a historian has to take a deep breath, read between the lines and then accept there is a connection or not.