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Today’s posting gives bloggers a guide showing Steamboat Arabia’s Organizational Chart. It’s a draft and although not complete, it shows an overview and chronologically changes in owners, contracts and other individuals that greatly influenced the Arabia. 

In the last blog titled Capt Shaw: Ft Pierre some readers may not be familiar with names mentioned. Now, we can look at the chart below and see in the 5th layer of changes, Capt John Shaw was an owner in orange, Robert Campbell was an important person in blue and the contract was the US Military in green

As the writer, this this provides me structure too because each block has its own stories, important people, partners and occupation ie. John Shaw was associated with the fur trade (pre and post Arabia history). 

Don't get worried that this seems overwhelming, that has been one of my problems too when dealing with so many people. We will go through this slowly and I will have an index in the side so you can go back to past blogs for info you missed- I can't write this chronologically cause it causes me writer's block. Do expect that later blogs can add to knowledge base. Above all, nothing is cast in stone- I am working through this in real time and I might revise my opinion if enough evidence warrants it.

This is much like the chart of Arabia’s hull in Greg Hawley’s book, Treasures in a Cornfield. Greg called me after I received the draft to proof and I thought it’d help the reader if he had a cross section of the boat showing where he was working and the merchandise he found during that chapter. In the same way, I hope my idea gives you a foothold too.

This will be stored permanently in the side bar. Your job is to let me know if this works for you!