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Yesterday I received a card that my request for Nicholas Springer's will is being processed.                                                               

Moving along here- Since I do not have a team working on my project, I have to do the busy  work, an assistant would do and that slows down writing. It can get overwhelming, so I commit to an hour and set the timer and try to beat the clock. 

The list below shows what I would like to get done. Which of these did I chose and how far did I get by the end of the week? 
1.     Rewriting up my salesmans’ visit to Boston and thanking my Massachusetts Scholar
2.      Compiling a list for permission to use quotes from the RG Dun & Co. collection  I've done this    before- it just takes time and I respect their rules (between us, it is the best resource I have ever used...shhhhhh....well worth the two hour drive one way and tank of gas to use)  Guide
3.      Filing ephemera in my new acid free boxes 
4.      Hand typing out my Ft. Pierre Inventory (17 pages) OCR can’t read
5.      Cataloguing my books (3 book cases)
6.      Providing an index on my web site (blogs & who who’s bio)
7.       Scanning Ebay for business related items (letters, bill heads, documents, 1850s books et    al.)
8.      Email Frank Defreitus for an update on his experiment to make a hologram from one of my daguerreotypes (see above ca 1847). Holoworld